Ben Reeves

Avid self-taught hobbyist programmer, driven student, and life-long goofball.

I was in 7th grade when I first began programming. Since that day my passion for Computer Science has only grown, and I'm constantly on the search for new things to learn. I learn very quickly, and I am eager to apply my skills to the software industry and make a difference.


University of Michigan
Pursuing B.S.E. in Computer Science


Over 8 years of programming experience creating personal projects.
2 years of programming classes through school.
2 years of hired software development in a University research lab.


  • Backend:

    C++, Java, C#, C
  • Scripting:

    Python, Matlab, Node.js, Bash, Lua
  • Web:

    JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3,
    AngularJS, Dojo.js, Knockout.js, Ionic Framework
  • Misc:

    Docker, Git, OpenGL, GLSL, Max/MSP


  • Android SDK
  • Qt GUI Framework
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity Game Engine


  • Programming (obviously)
  • Playing Guitar
  • Browsing Reddit
  • Practical Jokes
  • Impractical Jokes
  • Writing Lists
  • Whistling and/or singing off-key
  • Viewing Dank Memes

Very Important Information

  • Favorite Color:

  • Favorite Food:

  • Favorite Animal:

  • Airspeed Velocity of Unladen Swallow:

    I don't know that!
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